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This Is How the “World’s Strongest Boy” Little Hercules Looks Now2 min read

‘Member “Little Hercules,” AKA “World’s Strongest Boy?” This is what unexpectedly happened to him.

You’ve seen the pictures, you were shocked at his ridic ripped physique, and admit it, you were kinda a little bit jealous. You might know him as “Little Hercules” or “The World’s Strongest Boy,” the name of a documentary about him. Today, he’s just Richard Sandrak.

Ukranian-born Richard is son of a martial arts world champion and an aerobics competitor. He moved to the US when he was two years old and gained international acclaim after photos of his cherubic face and ripped bod went viral. At only six-years old, Sandrak was benching 180 lb (82 kg), according to Wikipedia. During this time he gained the nickname “little Hercules” and the title of the world’s strongest boy.

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Richard Sandrak in “The World’s Strongest Boy” Documentary

After moving to California, Richard’s parents wanted the muscle-lad to pursue Hollywood fame and fortune!  His father hooked up with a trainer in California, Frank Giardina, who managed Richard and helped get him gigs across the country for nutrition products and magazine photoshoots. During training the mini muscle-man would pump out 600 push-ups and sit-ups and 300 squats a day, as well as follow a strict diet regimen. Richard remembers times when his father would eat pizza right in front of him, while he was stuck eating a head of lettuce.

Richard’s mother till this day denies any steroids were used.

Little Hercules

[/media-credit] Richard at the age of 9

What happened to The World’s Strongest Boy “Little Hercules”?

After Richard’s father, Pavel unsuccessfully tried marketing fitness supplements, his trainer Frank had a falling out with him. Frank thought that Pavel’s parenting was criminal and in turn Pavel threatened to kill Frank. They split ways and drama ensued. Pavel was locked up for beating his wife, leaving her with a broken nose and wrist. Richard was the one who called the cops on his father and told them not to use sirens out of fear of how his father would respond.

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With his father out of the picture, Richard’s physique started to become as one reported put it, “disappointingly normal.” By the time Richard was 15, he kept training, but instead of heads of lettuce, he started eating pizza and other normal foods.

Today Richard Has Embraced Dad Bod

He quit body building and told Inside Edition, “I don’t lift weights anymore If anything it just got boring to me.” He would like to become an engineer for NASA and is currently working as a stuntman at Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular attraction in Universal Studios Hollywood.

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