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EXCLUSIVE: World Pride New York 2019 Revealed: We’ve got your exclusive presale code!1 min read

Get Tickets to World Pride 2019

Pride weekend may have just wrapped up in NYC, but the city’s hottest party producers aren’t skipping a beat in preparing next year’s fiercely anticipated 2019 World Pride events. Here’s what you need to know about celebrating World Pride in the city that never sleeps:

– This will be the first time in history that the United States is hosting World Pride, with New York joining a group of prestigious cities that have included Rome, Jerusalem, London, Toronto and Madrid.

– Three of 2018’s most-talked about parties are coming back for 2019: M.E.A.T.Matinée and LUVBOAT. But World Pride won’t be like any other year, with Barcelona’s biggest party, CIRCUIT joining the line-up!

– This four party line-up is sure to bring the hottest international gay crowd over to the greatest city in the world for the biggest pride festival you’ve ever experienced, and we’ve got the code for you to unlock passes at up to 60% off this week only. Use code ‘SAVE300‘ at

Four Main Events. One Extraordinary Weekend. The Proudest City in the World.

ARON (Israel)
BEN BAKSON (Switzerland)
CINDEL (Puerto Rico)
DAN SLATER (Austrailia)
NINA FLOWERS (Puerto Rico)

+ more to be announced.

What the 1st NYC Pride Was Like from Someone Who Was Actually There
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