Winter Party to Debut a new Party2 min read

Winter Party Festival’s Friday afternoon slot sets forth the beginning of something new, the advent of an event that will push boundaries and break expectations…because we’re here to BRING IT!

The butterfly symbolizes the EVOLVE theme for Winter Party’s 27th edition, and as a commitment to push beyond what’s comfortable and break normative standards, BRING IT! expands into a lesser-tapped corner of the LGBTQ+ music scene. At this event, delve deep into a vast array of faces, body types, personalities, and of course, sounds. Explore a dance event full of funk and groove and rhythm and beats, packaged similarly to a T Dance not withholding the brash fierceness of any prime time event!

Two incredible DJs will be featured at BRING IT!, offering a varying display of styles and sounds to experience. Miami-favorite DJ SDot warms us up in style, bringing the bass, kick drum and high hat with a flourish of funky grooves and tantalizing vocals. Following his lead, the next artist needs no introduction, as her name is synonymous to iconic and legendary alone…DJ Lina Bradford will grace us with her presence along with uplifting beats, fierce vocals and a flare for rhythm that will make your blood boil! Join your LGBTQ+ community and live freely, fully and with integrity at Winter Party’s all-new dance event, featuring breathtaking sunset views and hues upon the rooftop at No. 3 Social in Wynwood! Mix and mingle with your chosen family, old and new, or find your groove on the dance floor and get down to the rhythm of the beat!

Winter Party Festival is an experience where you are welcomed and encouraged to fully BE YOU, without criticism, judgment, or fear…so join us in our journey and LIVE FREE, PLAY HARD, & GIVE BACK!

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Limited number of $20 tickets remaining!