Winter Party Festival will IGNITE the Weekend!1 min read

Winter Party Festival is just a few days away, so grab your swimsuit and chosen family and wear your most authentic smile as Winter Party helps transform your Miami experience into something magical! 🦋

Kicking the week off with a spark, Thursday night’s IGNITE will bring a fresh and eclectic variety of sights and sounds for you to feast upon! IGNITE is the perfect event to discover new raw talent and skill, as well as incoming artists breaking into the international scene. Over previous years, Winter Party has slotted Anna Louise, Joe Pacheco, J Warren, Dan Slater and Phil Romano on their Thursday night lineup.

Each year, IGNITE promotes artists who have garnered a fresh and invigorating take on dance music incorporating styles and sounds from all over the world, and this year is no exception. Hailing from Brazil, rising star DJ Allan Natal will amp up your gears with an energizing palette of dance tracks intermingled with dense vocals and stylistic influences from all over South America and the Middle East!

Allan’s unique take on music has made him a staple artist at events such as The Week and Revolution in Brazil, and even as far as Tel Aviv! Shifting the night into full throttle, superstar DJs Joe Gathreaux and Leanh are no strangers to the dance music scene and will create a dynamic shift in energy, throwing you into the mix with high energy beats, momentous transitions, and sultry vocals that will energize your night!

Whether it’s progressive, tribal, tech house or dark Israeli beats that get your blood pumping, IGNITE will hit you to the core!

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Limited number of $45 tickets remaining!