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Wide Awake2 min read

Sexy Aussie crooner Yanni Burton drew inspiration for his new single from his last relationship, when he realized it was time to kick the drip out and find passion in life again.

Yanni says that sitting down to write “Awake” helped him to refocus his goals and pull himself out from his sleepy funk. The song is available on iTunes, Spotify and all major digital platforms. The music video, starring the equally sexy Aussie, Reed Laplau, is on Youtube. It was shot in an incredible 20,000 square foot warehouse in Brooklyn and watching these two run around shirtless and rolling around in flour (flour?) will make you wanna go down under… wayyyy down under.

Yanni Burton grew up in Adelaide, Australia, a small town that was first put on the map as the birthplace of “Chandelier”‘s Sia. Little Yanni lived most days in the city with his mother and holidays in the country on his dad’s farm. “The farm was in the middle of nowhere and I’d arrive in solid gold sneakers, booty shorts and a tank top, like I’d just come off the set of Priscilla Queen of the Desert,” he remembers.

He came out at 22. He told his father he was gay in a Motel Six hallway, while on a trip to rural Pennsylvania, visiting the Amish. He recalls bawling his eyes out — probably because you were in a Motel Six hallway, Mary — but his Dad simply hugged and told him he loved him.

Angels in America: Loving A Gay Fantasia on National Themes One More Time.

For college, Yanni attended Juilliard. He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in orchestral performance and when not singing, is Producer and General Manager of the Salome Chamber Orchestra. He also attends Barry’s Bootcamp religiously, pays too much rent and complains about it every second he can. He’s a true New Yawker at last. He has successfully thrown out the stale trash and, sorry guys, found love again.

Visit Yanni Burton’s website.  Follow on Instagram.

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