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Wearing Flip-flops Will Kill You, No Seriously2 min read

Growing up in Florida, the most basic shoe wardrobe consisted of 3 pairs of shoes: a sneaker, a dress shoe and a flip-flop. Out of all of them the flip-flop had the most use, In high school I had been an avid member of the FB group ‘I wear only flip-flops in Winter’ so I will admit to being guilty. That was then, this is now.  

A flip-flop just doesn’t belong any longer. The thong sandal really has no other use than to protect your feet from the glass you broke in the kitchen, abuela’s chancleta for an ass-whoopin, or the beach/pool.

Flip-flops can break at any moment leaving you barefoot

Prime example—a friend of mine was at the Ninth Ave Food fest a year or so back. The streets were strewn with half eaten elephant ears, remnants of spilled smoothies, half squeezed lemons, and discarded apple cores. At the eleventh hour,  it was if we relived JFK’s assassination and ‘Friend’s’ left thong sandal popped and the world stopped spinning. The head of the thong ripped off and was beyond repair.

Barefoot Man Broken Flip Flop

Treading through the sludge that used to be tasty treats and refreshing libations were now the pedicure ‘Friend’ was destined for that Saturday afternoon. As a wearer of flip-flops, you’re prone to a rolled ankle, stubbed toe, or a friction blister, where as spectators we are subject to nail fungus or cliffhanger toes on our lady friends.

Flip-flops breed dangerous, deadly bacteria

NY Daily News

Trudging around in your flip-flops in the city or the burbs is a magnet for dangerous bacteria just waiting to infect your bod the second you stub your exposed toe. Lab tests on flip-flops worn in New York after just four days revealed a nasty germ, (and this isn’t that busted drag queen you forgot her name) Staphylococcus aureus, according to tests by the NY Daily News.

Scruffy Model Luis Urribarri Is Scintillating in Leather

“If you wear shoes for three months, 93% have fecal bacteria and 20% have E. coli,” says Dr. Charles P. Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona.


If you wear flip-flops you’re begging to get injured

Wearing flip-flops is an accident waiting to happen. Flip-flop aficionados around the world have been the victims of critical incidents of feet pulverized by heels in dance clubs and bars, shopping carts mulling over the little piggy that shouldn’t have been exposed to the market and even feet caught in an escalator.

If you don’t want to tie your shoes I implore you to find an espadrille, slip-on sneaker, driver or loafer. For the sake of us all and that little piggy crying all the way home.