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We All Want ‘Dat Body’2 min read

Oh henny, prepare to get turnt!

Lachi and  Danish EDM producer Julian Javan are about to unleash their new single “What I Want (Dat Body)” to the dance floor, and mark our words, it is about to tear sh*t up.  Drop everything and take a listen to the song now.

The sexy club track is actually inspired by the wave of fierce lady representatives redefining today’s congress.   Lachi says when it came to writing the song, she imagined all 131 of the chicas serving in both chambers of congress walking into a club and picking out the man they wanted. 

We'll take him.

“I’m the type who can walk up to that cute guy at the bar and buy him a drink,” she explains. “I think all my fearless ladies are the same way.  That’s what being a woman and a sexy, confident gay man today is about.”  

Lachi knows about overcoming barriers in order to achieve her goals.  She was born legally blind into a first-generation Nigerian immigrant family.

“We moved around a lot to make ends meet.  I grew up in the blackest parts of Philly, the whitest parts of Upstate New York, and I southern-belled it in North Carolina. No matter where we were, I was always so different from everyone else. It was tough to make friends.”

She refused to let her disability define her. “I have always hated the ‘wow, she’s blind AND can do things!’-type BS.  I was raised to believe that no one was going to be throwing me any pity parties.”  

She attended University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  It was there that she began performing live music. “I would sit at the piano in my dorm lobby and play for all the drunken frat kids as they returned home.” Word spread around campus and eventually, she had a large-enough following that she was invited to perform small venues in town.  When she moved east to attend NYU, she continued performing in New York City.

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These days, Lachi performs at mostly straight festival parties.  She recorded “Rude” with rapper Snoop Dogg and “Far” with trance producer Markus Schulz, featured on his We Are The Light album. 

She’s excited to perform for the boys this Friday night at NYC’s Monster Bar.  “Gay men have the most beautiful bodies and I can’t wait to worship them all,” she says.

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