Una: A Car Crash in Slow Motion2 min read

Una: A Movie Review

A Car Crash in Slow Motion

By Ross for frontmezzjunkies

When invited to a screening of the new film, Una, my first react was to say ‘no’ as I don’t think of myself as a film reviewer. I’ve written a few last year about the Oscar nominated films, and films that moved me when I saw them at the New York Film Festival (PattersonManchester by the Sea). I basically told myself I’d write about film when it inspired me, and who knew if this would. But then I noticed it was based on David Harrower’s powerful and upsetting play, Blackbird that I saw in March, 2016 on Broadway with the fearless Michelle Williams and the magnificent Jeff Daniels (click here for the review). It’s an intense and disturbing love story that unsettles. So a film based on that play, written by the playwright, starring the perfectly cast Rooney Mara, who was so good in the equally intense love story Carol, just sounded too good a premise to turn down. It didn’t hurt that it was being shown in the comfortable screening room of the Soho House in the Meatpacking District. So the ‘no’ became a yes, and I’m so glad I changed my mind. 

In regards to the play, I wrote in my review that it was about a young woman, Una showing up at the work space of her former love, Ray to confront and to learn what happened that one fateful evening so long ago.  To tell him her story, and to hear what he has to say. The part that separates this from many similar tales, is that the relationship happened around 15 years ago, and she was 13 years-old at the time. Sexual abuse. Intense love. Consent. Statutory rape. Denial. Regret. Anger. Abandonment. Utter shame and a complicated acceptance of guilt.  On both sides of this pair. These are some of the themes being thrown at us in the play, relentlessly and without mercy, and the movie is no different. (for the full review, click here)

Posted on October 6, 2017

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