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Things are ’bout to get “Super Delicious” on Fire Island this weekend, thanks to disco princess Megan Vice2 min read

Megan Vice returns to the disco dance floor this weekend with a new e.p. of groovetastic gems and if the first music video is any indication, it’s going to be one Super Delicious house party.

Shot on the beaches of Fire Island Pines, the video features all sorts of fabulous debauchery. There are drag queens, go-go-boys, girls in bikinis, even a dancing Elvis…  all celebrating the first weeks of a “Super Delicious” summer.

“When it came time to think about where we were going to shoot the music video, I knew I needed to do it surrounded by the most super delicious boys on the planet,” says Megan. “So I packed my pumps, shades and make-up case and hopped on the ferry to Fire Island Pines.”

Megan wrote the song with indie pop singer Catey Shaw from an instrumental by Jay Levine. “Catey and I wrote a silly love song about junk food and then I worked with Kyle (Kelso) to give it a more grittier kick.”

Continues Megan, “I love this song so much. It puts me in a great mood whenever I listen to it and I hope it does the same for everyone else!”

Born and raised in New York, Megan’s irreverent, tongue-in-cheek lyrical style and musical prowess have made her a fan favorite in NYC’s gay nightlife. She rocks her own special brand of glitter, sass and disco-infused funk pop, effortlessly pairing polished pop, grit and glam alongside structured songwriting and fierce beats. Her signature sound has been compared to Chromeo, Daft Punk and early Janet Jackson. When making music, she follows a simple philosophy: “I want listeners to feel good about themselves and live their best lives – to a really good beat.”

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She also wants them to trust their instincts. “I’ve had so many people give their two cents on what I should do stylistically to be more popular. I make music with the thought of what me, myself and I want to hear. Don’t try to be like anyone else or put yourself into a box.”

The Super Delicious EP follows Spread the News, Megan Vice’s debut EP that Popdust hailed as ‘E.P. of The Year’ in 2016. “I know it’s been a few years but that’s because I’m super picky and want to make sure that I am proud of the work I put out.”

“I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the Super Delicious EP is everything I hoped it would be and more.”

Megan Vice’s “Super Delicious” is being released through Peace Bisquit and will be available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms this Friday.

Visit her website.

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