Elizabeth Boag as Dawn and Graeme Brookes as Alan in INVINCIBLE

Review: Invincible Off-Broadway at 59E59 #britsoffbroadway2 min read

Invincible: The Exciting Secrets of the Neighbors.

Emily Bowker as Emily and Alastair Whaltley as Oliver in INVINCIBLE

Emily Bowker, Alastair Whatley. Photo by Manuel Harlan.

Invincible: The Exciting Secrets of the Neighbors.

Truth be told, I’m not sure I’d want to invite any of these characters into my home for an evening of olives, nuts, and tea. But to be a fly on the wall inside of Emily and Oliver’s new home is a whole other story. The uncomfortable web that is weaved by director Stephen Darcy (with original direction by Christopher Harper) with Invincible, one of the many miraculous British imports that make up 59E59 Theatres’ BritsOffBroadway series, is just too good to pass up.

The dynamics of class and intellectual/educational differences paired with the neurotic and stressed out liberals, all add up to a surprisingly strong cocktail too tasty to say no to. You don’t want to know all of the ingredients that writer Torben Betts has combine in his delicious new play, brought to NYC by Original Theatre Company and Ghost Light Theatre Productions, to give the piece such a unique flavor, but what you will want, is to savor each and every flavor as they hit your willing taste buds.

Alastair Whatley as Oliver and Emily Bowker as Emily in INVINCIBLE
Alastair Whatley, Emily Bowker. Photo by Manuel Harlan.

Emily Bowker is the young neurotic Emily, a passionate socialist who has moved from London to Northern England because of financial troubles, but also for socio-political ones. Oliver, her partner, and father to their unseen child, played impressively by Alister Whatley has lost his job, but together they are attempting to lay down new, less commercially-bound roots. They have invaded the neighborhood in a way, pretending to assimilate while refusing to let go of their liberal political convictions that separate them from the norm, at least in this neck of the woods. (for the full review,click here)

Elizabeth Boag as Dawn and Alastair Whatley as Oliver in INVINCIBLE
Elizabeth Boag, Alastair Whatley. Photo by Manuel Harlan.
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