hound cant let you go

Sexy Vid Shows Just How Toxic an Addiction Love Can Be2 min read

Sexy clip for “Can’t Let You Go” has a clever twist—stalker alert.

hound cant let you go

Relationships can be like a drug addiction and hard to walk away from no matter how toxic they can be.

“I didn’t know what I wanted anymore,” The Hound explained from his LA home. “I was very depressed and found myself in an incredibly toxic relationship with someone who suffered extreme highs and lows, and I was coming to terms with the fact that just because its love, doesn’t make it right. People also love heroin and meth, and he was definitely like a drug to me. It took everything falling apart for me to finally walk away.”

The video, which features the sexy adult film performed Adam Ramzi as the boyfriend, draws inspiration from Alanis Morissette’s “Your House.” First the viewer thinks that they’re watching a clip of a guy walking around his apartment. Suddenly they realize that he actually broke into the home of his ex-boyfriend who is now living with another man. 

“One of the lyrics that means the most to me is ‘I could see the end, but it was easier to pretend, that we’d make it out alive and I wouldn’t lose a friend,’” continues The Hound.  “There’s this awareness that the relationship would eventually fall apart, but until it did, things could be swept under the rug.”  

“My songs are about my life and the lessons I’ve learned,” he explains.  “Being human means making mistakes.  There are going to be times we make decisions even though we know they’re wrong.  There are going to be times we hear that voice of reason and consciously choose to ignore it.

The Hounds’ “Can’t Let You Go” is available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms. 

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