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The Courage to Live Out Loud2 min read

Nervous, scared.

Heart beating too fast, blood moving too slow.

A shake in your voice, tears welling in your eyes,

Fear, embarrassment, shame.

Pain crystallizing into courage, resolve, strength.

Three words spoken. Floating heavily in the space between two worlds. Two people. 

Relieved, a weight lifted, your soul unburdened,

A future filled with hope,

Hope for love and acceptance. 

Three words. 

I am Gay. I am Bisexual. I am Trans. I am Queer. I am ME. 

In celebration of National Coming Out Day this Thursday, October 11, 2018, the Revry Original docuseries Room to Grow chronicles the lives of LGBTQ+ teens and their families from across North America as they navigate the pitfalls of coming out and seek acceptance among their community.

As the premier, queer global streaming media network, Revry champions the mission of National Coming Out Dayby encouraging the LGBTQ+ community to raise their voices, and live their authentic self.

Founded in 1988, National Coming Out Day encouragesgay men and women to stop living in the shadows, andcome out to family and friends. To live their lives in openness and honesty, and lead a visible life as a way to combat homophobia and discrimination. It’s harder to hate someone you know and love.

We all have our coming out stories. Some have had it easy while others have suffered extraordinarily. Some enjoy strong support while others struggle every day for acceptance. The one thing we all have in common is bravery. The courage to stand up and say this is who I am to those we love the most. Room to Grow highlights howcourage resides in all of us and can often come from the unlikeliest of sources. 


For Savannah, a 13-yr-old girl living in Utah and a member of the Mormon faith, there was never another option. It is who she is, and God loves her just the way he made her.Savannah’s story, featured in episode 1 of the Room to Grow series, documents the bravery and fortitude she had to stand in front of her church leaders and recite a testimony preaching love and acceptance of herself and others. She is a voice that won’t be silenced and an inspiration for those wrestling with their own fears of coming out.

Live out loud. Come out. Be seen and be heard. Happy National Coming Out Day!

Revry is the first queer global streaming network, available in 35 million homes in over 100 countries, with a uniquely curated selection of LGBTQ+ film, series, and originals along with the world’s largest queer libraries of groundbreaking podcasts, albums and music videos. Revry is available worldwide on seven OTT, mobile, and online platforms, and hosts the exclusive LGBTQ+ channels on Pluto TV and XUMO. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Revry is led by an inclusive team of queer, multi-ethnic and allied partners who bring decades of experience in the fields of tech, digital media, and LGBTQ+ advocacy.  Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @REVRYTV. Go Online to:

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