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The Coronavirus Hip Hop Track is Spreading all over the Internet2 min read

Oh no, she didn’t! Gurrrrl, she did!

Out rapper Xcellence!,   Blac Chyna‘s ex-gay -besty, is once again proving what a crazy mofo he is with the release of “Wu Flu Pandemic,” his explosive new hip hop track about the coronavirus epidemic.

“This song is meant to get the word out to people about the seriousness of this virus,” he says. “I hope to encourage people to practice good hygiene and to pay attention to symptoms to protect the populace.”

It’s a fun, danceable jam with the killa rhymes Xcellence! has become known for.

It took him less than a week to write and record the single. “I’m a very prolific writer, especially if I feel something in my soul. These words practically wrote themselves. Sometimes I swear they were heaven sent.”

“I have been watching the coronavirus spread since January,” Xcellence! continues from his Los Angeles home. “It caused me to abruptly stop air travel. I even missed the Washington DC funeral of Michael “Snowy” Snowden, one of my dearest friends.”

He has also canceled a birthday celebration trip to Australia and one to Brazil, just as that country was confirming its first case of coronavirus.

“My friends and family thought I was crazy in January but now they see that everything I’ve been warning about has come to pass.”

He argues that the CDC and World Health Organization are downplaying the outbreak and refusing to call it a pandemic in fear of scaring the population and further hurting the economy. “This ignorance is bliss mentality has led to people not giving coronavirus the serious attention it warrants,” he continues. “We are not defined by tragedy but how we respond to it.”

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His message in “Wu Flu Pandemic” isn’t one of fear, but to simply be more careful, use better hygiene, wash hands, stay home if possible, and be aware that coronavirus is not an Asian, European or Middle eastern problem. It is a humanities problem.

Word to that.

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