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The Bitch is Back!1 min read

Morgan Fairchild stars as the vindictive Vivian King in Mélange, the new decadent serialized half hour drama, premiering its pilot episode on LOGO tomorrow, May 20th at 4pmEST.  

The series centers round the fight of ownership for a historic gay watering hole, Mélange.  After the bar’s founder (played by Guiding Light’s Robert Newman) mysteriously and suddenly dies, his strikingly handsome protégé (the sexy Scott Evans) and estranged ex-wife (Fairchild) battle for control.  As the stakes rise and tensions mount, Mélange becomes infested with betrayal, corruption, and revenge.

Executive produced by multi-award winning theatrical producer and political activist Tom D’Angora, Mélange stars a bevy of recognizable talent from television, Broadway, and reality TV including Glee’s Alex Newell, Ugly Betty’s Mark Indelicato, gossip blogger Perez Hilton and trans superstar Laith Ashley.  It emulates the grand storytelling flair of 80’s primetime decadent dramas that pitted good vs. evil but explores modern themes of sexuality, immigration, addiction, power, and inclusion.  

Behind-the-scenes photo of Laith Ashley with Morgan Fairchild and Ilene Kristen

“The world needs a show like Mélange, now more than ever,” says Tom D’Angora.  “It is my hope that this delicious cast, led by the iconic Morgan Fairchild reading everyone in her path while plotting a hostile takeover, will allow people to escape reality, if only for a moment or two.”

Watch Out, Some Mean Girls Storm Broadway

The pilot episode of Mélange was directed by Emmy Award winner Gary Donatelli and Tony Award winning producer Tim Kashani.   

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