test movie brock yurich
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This New Movie Gets Intimate with Bodybuilding, Steroids, & Being Gay in Smalltown USA1 min read

TEST: Bodybuilding, Steroids, and Homosexuality in Smalltown USA

You can help us get this movie produced.

Brock Yurich

My name is Brock Yurich and I’m an independent filmmaker and bodybuilder in New York. I’m also the writer and creator of “Test,” a feature film about an amateur bodybuilder in Ohio who uses steroids to cope with his homosexuality.

test movie brock yurich

Writing this script was a way for me to express my own experience with steroids, competing, and the struggle with my sexual identity. But “Test” isn’t just about bodybuilding. It’s about how we as LGBT people tend to hurt ourselves because of our own shame and self-hate.

We need your help.

You can actually help us get the greenlight on our film. Currently, my script is competing in the Hometown Heroes Competition, where the top 5 campaigns with the most followers will have their film produced by Mark Duplass (Tangerine, The Mindy Project).

How can you help? It’s simple and free. Just click the link below to my campaign and click FOLLOW. It will take you through a couple easy steps and you’re done. And we’re one step closer to winning a spot in the top 5!


Here is what you need to click when you reach my campaign page:

Why is Following important? Mark Duplass would help us with funding, film festivals, and ultimately bring this important LGBT story to theaters all over the country.

The contest ends October 12th,  so please help us bring our film to the big screen by visiting our campaign page and clicking Follow. We don’t move on to the finals without your help!

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Thank you for your support!

Brock Yurich

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