Straight Guys Who Gay Flirt

Straight Guys That Gay Flirt1 min read

We think this video is really funny – and SOOOOO true – its from a YouTube series called SteamRoomStories about funny and somewhat awkward moments in the steam room and this one called ‘Straight Guys That Gay Flirt’ is definitely one that we can relate to.

We have often been at the gym and feel like the “straight” guys are checking out the guys, and themselves, even more than the gay guys.

We also find it really funny when straight guys interact in very seemingly gay ways.  We never know what to do except laugh.  In the gym, in sports, just in general, some of the antics that are very normal in the straight world seem gay to us, but who are we to judge?

Well, this video calls that out as two “straight” guys in the steam room act about as gay as they can be while maintaining their straightness. At first they are competing with each other over complements from other guys and then they are defending each other to someone who disses them and then they are talking about girls.

We can’t help but LOL because we have been in many a situation with straight guys that leave us equally confused.  They want our attention and complements and sometimes flirt back but all in “straight” ways, we guess??

Honestly, who knows now a days, the line seems so blurred and we are okay with that but we do find situations like in this video very humorous and does seem to happen pretty often.  So, enjoy.  What do you think about it?  Do you have a straight workout buddy or friend that loves to gay flirt?

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