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Skittles Come In All Flavors1 min read

There is one type of video that never gets old to us, the “cute guy dancing in his underwear to good music” video. Nope, never gets old if the guys are cute and the music is good.

Even if the dancing isn’t great we enjoy the videos. In fact, we actually like the ones where the music isn’t good as much or more than the ones where there are dancing really well. Ok, we will just say that we like all of them equally – lol!

Luckily for all of us this video feature lots of hot guys that actually dance really cutely and the music is perfect for the video. Oh, and did we mention that these guys all represent Randy Blue who is better known for another type of video that they produce. Actually we like this video equally as much as their other product, these guys look so cute dancing in their undies and we love all the different types of guys represented.

Well, actually these guys are HOT, all of them in their own way. And they can shake it!! We love it!
We have commented on it before, but it is interesting how blurred the lines are between the adult industry and popular culture these days, everything is out in the open these day.

We aren’t going to complaining, we love seeing some of our favorite film stars cross over into the “regular world” plus we can share videos like this one that are PG where we can’t some of there other work. These really are fantasy boys, that is for sure!

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We hope that Randy Blue makes more videos like this – we love seeing the boys shake their thing!


BLOW: Tribute to Beyonce from Jeremy Lucido on Vimeo.