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Watch: Man Questioning His Sexuality Turns Dark in This Intense Short Film1 min read

The heart-pounding film explores the ugly side of repressing gay feelings

Repressed feelings of homosexuality have an ugly way of expressing themselves. In this intense and disturbing film appropriately named Shower, we encounter two guys in a locker room shower who navigate an erotic encounter.

The film was produced to explore the dark and problematic sides of society and open dialog in an effort to tackle these issues. “I produced the film because I thought the theme of repressing ones sexuality can result in negative consequences,” director Henry K. Norvalis told OutBuzz.

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With sparse dialog, the little of which is in Norwegian, this short movie builds tension and finally releases it with a sharp bang. In under seven minutes it manages to elicit feelings of curiosity, guilt, embarrassment and fear.

The script was written following research on repressed sexuality. “It is not inspired from real events, but from in depth research and a long time working on the script,” Henry continued.


Movie shows no nudity but is NSFW



Watch the full movie of the Shower

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