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Sexy Gay-Themed Indie Film ‘Escaping Freedom’ goes into Production2 min read

Motivated by an embrace of his bisexuality and the recent reversal of policies regarding the LGBTQ community, Portland filmmaker Edd Blott and a team of artists use film to tell a story of awareness, acceptance, and love. The film, Escaping Freedom, is currently fundraising on Seed&Spark.

Portland filmmaker Edd Blott pulls from his search for self-acceptance with his new film, Escaping Freedom. The feature length LGBTQ-themed drama is currently crowdfunding on Seed&Spark and begins shooting next month.

“We all have this desire to feel free,” Blott said. “Some of us search for it in giving ourselves entirely to a higher power while others seek it in a complete absence of authority. The thing is, no matter where you land on that spectrum, we are united in looking for that feeling of being free. I think there’s something absolutely beautiful there.”

For almost a decade, Blott wrestled with questioning the conservative faith he grew up in while at the same time burying his bisexual desires for fear of alienation. Eventually, the secrets became too much and the world around him collapsed. Just as he feared, Blott was left with only himself. It was there that the question which inspired Escaping Freedom was born: “can you be enslaved to your idea of freedom?”

Escaping Freedom’s actor and producer Patrick D. Green explains: “As we grow, more and more labels are put upon us that we feel we have to live up to. The result is that we are not able to be the three-dimensional human beings we are meant to be.”

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Escaping Freedom follows two estranged siblings, Vincent and Krystal, who are forced to reconnect after Krystal shows up at Vincent’s late one evening. Vincent is a doubting pastor who fights to hide that he is not “100% heterosexual” while his foster sister is a self-proclaimed party girl and hedonist who, in actuality, doubts her self-worth. While Vincent struggles to keep secret his romantic attraction to Marcus, his best friend and a fellow pastor, Krystal spends her days searching for who she is in the most pleasurable ways possible. This is especially true when it comes to her relationship with René, her mentor and theatre director.

“Escaping Freedom is about learning to love who you are and, in that, find your freedom,” Green said. “We are striving for a challenging, poignant, intimate, and sometimes sexy film that will affect people’s hearts and encourage the spreading of love for all people.”

Blott adds: “With all the recent changes our current administration is making, and how those changes are affecting the LGBTQ community specifically, a story about love seems more important than ever.”

The film’s crowdfunding campaign, which will cover production costs, runs until 9:30am PST on November 2nd.


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