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Russian-Speaking LGBTIQ Community Is Under Homophobic Attack2 min read

I am reaching media to spread a word as I am personally is threatened with my life, as well as my LGBTIQ community attacked by Russian-Speaking “politician”, a fanatic supporter of Trump, who once was running for the NYS Assembly from the Conservative Party.

Her name is Malka Shahar ( She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

For the last few days, I have been verbally abused and threatened by Malka and her followers on Facebook, where she literally has declared a war on me. She has been calling me names (fag…t, pervert, sodomite), also referring that gay people are trying to molest and seduce children. She claims that she is talking as a “licensed children psychologist.” Her post was a reaction to my comments contradicting her racist remarks against African American individuals, which she had made during our discussion in the air of RTVi.

She literally said, and I quote, “Every time I go to the government offices I feel like I am in Africa.” After that she was stating that issues of the people of color, and African American individuals are fake, and hoax. I believe such behavior is not only inappropriate, but consists of hate speech and direct references to violence.

I am troubled, and concerned, and do not feel safe, as well as I do not feel that my community is safe.

I am a human rights and academic activist, an asylee myself, originally from Russia. I serve as a Co-President at RUSA LGBT, providing support to newcomers, doing face-to-face consultations, organizing and managing social, cultural and educations events, representing Russian-Speaking LGBTIQ community at external meetings. I was born in Russia and immigrated to the USA in 2014. I hold a PhD in Political Science from Perm State University (Russia). My academic interests are focused on gender and LGBTIQ issues.

Angels in America: Loving A Gay Fantasia on National Themes One More Time.

I have survived violence, persecution, being ostracized in Russia. As well as many of my LGBTIQ friends, and members of RUSA. I know how hard it is to be an immigrant who still holds a lot of fears inside him/her/themselves, and cannot express him/her/themselves. It is disturbing that seeking safety in the U.S. we are sill under constant attack of our compatriots who remain very conservative and homophobic, and who treat us as second-class citizens because of our identities and immigration statuses even though they themselves are immigrants.

To break through the wall of ignorance, I had launched the first ever Russian-Speaking LGBTIQ Brighton Beach Pride last year (5/20/2017), and we had the Second Pride this year. I have been working on breaking the silence within the Russian-Speaking community on LGBTIQ issues very hard to make sure that my people feel safe here.

However, such individuals as Malka who have weight and voice among Russian emigres, makes our lives miserable and unbearable.

Here is a link on all screenshots with Malka’s posts, comments, and threats –

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