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Russia Hates Gays So Much That It Blocked Tribute to the U.N. Secretary General1 min read

Russia will stop at nothing to flaunt hatred of the gays.

Russia blocked the United Nations Security Council from paying tribute to outgoing Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s work towards LGBT rights on Wednesday, reported Reuters. Russia is vocally anti-gay and even talking about homosexuality is a crime in Russia.

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The 15-member council convened to thank Ban for his service. However, being gay is a crime in at least 77 countries, and the issue of gay rights consistently sparks heated debate in the United Nations. In ten countries, homosexuality may still be punishable by death.

The Security Council, including the United States and other members, wanted a statement to read: “It is thanks to you, Mr. Secretary-General, that women, young people, and the LGBT community have been heard and assisted, and today their voices sound louder and stronger in this headquarters and around the world.”

Because of Russia’s objections, according to diplomats, the Security Council revised the statement that said because of Ban’s human rights promotion “”the most vulnerable or marginalized have been increasingly heard and assisted by the United Nations.”

In 2014 Ban said the U.N. would recognize and give equal benefits to all same-sex marriages on its staff. Last year Russia together with 43 other states including Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, India, Egypt, Pakistan, and Syria, unsuccessfully tried to overturn the pro-LGBT policy change.


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