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Ricky Rebel Is Redefining Masculinity Through Music1 min read

Ricky Rebel’s new album “The New Alpha” explores what it is to be a man.

Glam Rocker Ricky Rebel is out with a new sound now that his blue period is over. His new LP, “The New Alpha” is a happy departure  from his last album, “The Blue Album,” which Ricky wrote during a low period in  his life.

“My views are not defined by party lines,” continues Rebel from his Los Angeles home. “I am a centrist who goes left and right depending on the issues. I am in the middle. A difficult place to be. It’s the same with my identity. I am proud to be a man who happens to love makeup and women’s clothing. What is women’s clothing anyway? What is gender? I am both masculine and feminine.”

Ricky Rebel was the lead vocalist of Michael Jackson’s boy-band, No Authority. The group toured with 98 Degrees, Destiny’s Child and Jessica Simpson. Ricky went solo as Ricky Rebel in 2012.

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Watch Ricky Rebel’s “Time” from his album “The New Alpha”

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