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Ricky Rebel Sparkles and Shines in new Vid for “If You Were My Baby”1 min read

Ricky Rebel glams it up with shining confidence in new docu-style vid for “If You Were My Baby”

This song is all about owning who you are and being confident. “I want to sprinkle confidence into every club in the world,” Ricky Rebel said from his home in Los Angeles. “Confidence is an asset. It shows leadership and draws people in. I truly believe it is the most attractive quality a person can possess and might just help you land that special person you thought was out of reach.”

Ricky Rebel was the lead vocalist of Michael Jackson’s boy-band, No Authority.   The group toured with 98 Degrees, Destiny’s Child and Jessica Simpson.  Ricky went solo as Ricky Rebel in 2012.

“I love 80’s glam pop stars like Bowie, George Michael, Michael Jackson, and Prince, all of whom are now gone,” Ricky Rebel continued. “There is a Divo void that I intend to fill. It is my responsibility to carry the male glam pop torch.”

Watch the glam video for Ricky Rebel’s “If You Were My Baby”

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