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Raph Solo Wants You To Pick Up His Life1 min read

The Sexy out crooner Raph Solo is releasing LIFE today, his album of love songs including the lush, new single, “Jasmine Petals.”

“’Jasmine Petals’ is the perfect song to launch the album because it is about reflecting on what was, who we want to be and what we need to let go of,” he explains.

The sun-kissed muscle stud has let go of several loves over the last decade — seven to be exact — and many of his popular songs reflect on his experiences.

“Jasmine Petals” is one of them. In the song, Raph gets all metaphorical on our asses, equating relationships with flower buds falling off a tree. “The flowers start sweet but in time they decay and when the tree finally releases the bloom, that’s when real growth to the tree occurs. Such is often the case with love,” Raph says.

He doesn’t stop there. The “Jasmine Petals” video is chock full of symbolism like in one scene where Raph is eating the letters LIFE until he’s left with only IF on his plate. IF stands for opportunity. If Raph continues to eat the f, he’ll be left with only the “I”, meant to symbolize Raph discovering himself.

This deep shizzle will be taught in universities one day.

In another scene, Raph is blindfolded, playing a violin. Now we know what you would want to do with a blindfolded Raph Solo! But the image is meant to reflect how poor saps are often blinded by love.

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“I hope LIFE inspires listeners to celebrate their lives,” Raph says. “We are each given one life; one story. Write it. If you didn’t like something that happened yesterday, try not to repeat it tomorrow.”

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