Rainbow Crosswalk NYC

It’s Time for a Rainbow Crosswalk in NYC1 min read

Just last week Atlanta Mayor announced a permanent rainbow sidewalk in downtown Atlanta. Rainbow crosswalks in West Hollywood appear in so many selfies they’ve become cliché. So why not New York, where the gay rights movement began?

New York has had rainbow crosswalks in the past, but they were never permanent. Mayor De Blasio, this is your time to shine and show your support for the LGBT community.

Over the weekend a petition for permanent rainbow and trans pride crosswalks was started and has already nearly reached its goal of 17k signatures.

“The crosswalks are a very small step that NYC can take to show that we as a city are aware of these issues, we stand with the LGBTQ community, and LGBTQ people are welcome here.,” the organizer, Tim Robinson from Care2 told OutBuzz. “I’ve walked across the rainbow crosswalk in West Hollywood. It’s amazing how something so small could make me feel proud, safe, and optimistic about our future. NYC is a diverse and wonderful city, and it should be a leader in demonstrating LGBTQ support and equality.”

Next Care2 is exploring options to get this petition into the hands of New York Mayor De Blasio. “I’m exploring options to get the signatures into DeBlasio’s hands,” Tim continued. “In Atlanta, Care2 held an event with the City Council president who publicly signed the petition. I’m exploring options like that.”

Sign the petition for a permanent rainbow crosswalk in NYC

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