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Quiet in the Ballroom. Junior Vasquez Returns to NYC For Pride2 min read

All the children know that Junior Vasquez is the epitome of NYC’s House Music Underground. With a career spanning three decades, he has produced hit records for Madonna, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Prince and Cher, but it was his late night – early morning parties that New York club revelers hold most near and dear to their hearts. His residencies at Sound Factory, Tunnel, Arena, Twilo, and Earth were the stomping ground for the city’s underground voguing-ballroom scene, made popular today on FX-TV’s Pose.

On Monday July 1 from 6am to noon, Junior Vasquez returns to NYC, along with legendary drag queen Kevin Aviance, to close out WorldPride weekend, spinning his rare Junior classics and presenting new remixes at Distrkt NYC Pride at Melrose Ballroom, 36-08 33rd Street, Queens, New York.

“There’s nothing like Pride in NYC,” reflects Junior Vasquez. “The city ignites with celebration, exuding love and freedom. This year will be bigger than ever before because people from every corner of the globe are coming in for WorldPride.”

But Junior warns that if you’re looking for colorful lights, fireworks and all that pop fluff, his isn’t the party for you. ”

At Distrkt NYC Pride, we’re taking it to the underground, turning out the Melrose Ballroom with raw grit and grime beats,” he explains.

“We chose Junior Vasquez to headline Distrkt NYC Pride because Junior is New York,” says producer Bruce Yelk. “If you want an authentic New York underground music experience during WorldPride then Distrkt NYC with Junior is your party.”

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If Junior wasn’t enough, Distrkt NYC Pride will also welcome home the legendary queen of all NYC queens, Kevin Aviance. “We’re taking it back to the late nineties Sound Factory, children,” he says.

Aviance is, of course, a member of the House of Aviance, one of the legendary vogue-ball houses. In 2016, Billboard Magazine ranked him among the most successful dance artists of all-time. Aviance credits Vasquez with giving him his start in dance music.

“I’ll be on stage in my pumps, serving it like only I can. This party is going to be fierce, over, Aviance!”

The Distrkt C parties originated in Washington, D.C. at Club Karma where it has become the capital’s largest gay men’s dance party geared towards leather and uniform gear, sports and circuit crowds. The party brand regularly travels to other cities including Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago and Rehoboth Beach.

In 2019, Bruce Yelk introduced Distrkt NYC at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens. The three-story venue is spectacular and includes a full stage with a large dance floor, a balcony level and a 3rd floor with a large outside patio. Says Yelk, “Where Distrkt C caters to a circuit crowd, Distrkt NYC is more reflective of the New York underground scene.”

Distrkt NYC Pride with Junior Vasquez will take place Monday, July 1 from 6am to noon at Melrose Ballroom, 36-08 33rd Street, Queens, New York. Tickets available now here.

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