Quarantine Got You Down? Tomorrow is National Masturbation Day and BateWorld is Handing Out Some Much Needed Relief3 min read

It should come as no surprise that BateWorld.com, the world’s leading online masturbation community for men, has seen a surge in membership since the COVID 19 pandemic began. Men who would normally be dating during the spring and summer months of love have been forced to isolate. With so much time on their hands, what else is there to do?

“The most notable change has been with Monday-Friday activity,” explains BateWorld founder Peter R. “Numbers have been as high as what we normally see over weekends.”

In addition to being a time reliever, there are benefits to masturbation. The New York City Department of Health informs that, “You are your safest sex partner. Masturbation will not spread COVID-19.” And last month’s issue of Psychology Today noted that masturbation reduces stress/tension and elevates mood and pleasure.

They’ve even given masturbation its own day. Seriously. National Masturbation Day is an annual event. It launched in 1995, in honor of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who had been fired for suggesting masturbation be part of the sex education curriculum for students. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the momentous occasion, BateWorld will host its first-ever 24-hour Bate-a-Thon tonight beginning at 12am. The event is free and open to all men over 18.

Not familiar with BateWorld? Here’s the 411:

Often referred to as the “FaceBook of Masturbation,” BateWorld launched in 2009 with a mission to promote and encourage men’s masturbation as a fun, healthy and vital part of life. Today, it has over 70,000 active members who interact with one another through instant messaging, chat rooms, video, and other features which focus on both individual and communal masturbation activities. Masturbation is most men’s primary focus, however, the site has noted an increase in men connecting on many different levels including spiritual, emotional and mental.

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At midnight tonight, BateWorld will open its VidChat feature (normally reserved for premium membership), to all Bate-a-Thon participants. Typically, there are 110 to 150 men at a time masturbating together on VidChat. It can be a lot to take in, especially for men new to public masturbation.

“We understand that participating in an event like Bate-a-Thon can seem scary to someone who has never done something like this before,” Peter R. says. “We suggest men go at a pace they are comfortable with.”

He notes that men can lock their cams so as to allow viewing only by permission, or simply choose to watch the action and not cam at all.

It’s all for a good cause as your release is for COVID relief. While donations are not required and will not be collected or tracked by BateWorld, participants are encouraged to contribute to the Coronavirus Relief Fund on GlobalGiving, the Emergency COVID Relief for Sex Workers in New York, or any organization that supports COVID 19 relief. “We simply wanted to seize on this opportunity to suggest safe sites for donations to support the COVID challenge,” Peter R. adds.

BateWorld’s first-ever 24-hour Bate-a-Thon begins tonight at 12:00amEST and runs all day tomorrow until 11:59pm. It is free and open to all men over 18. Visit BateWorld.com. Follow on Twitter  #masturbateforgood and #bateanddonate.

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