pwr bttm anti-gay protest signs

Anti-Gay Protestors Crash PWR BTTM Queer Punk Show1 min read

PWR BTTM:  “It won’t deter us, nothing will”

PWR BTTM, queer punk duo of Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins, had unexpected guests last night at their show in Jackson, Mississippi. Christian protestors held anti-gay signs with welcoming, love-thy-neighbor-as-thyself slogans like, “You will be cast into the lake of fire!”

PWR BTTM Gay Punk Band

PWR BTTM told Spin that they saw “saw four men with giant signs walking up to [their] show. They posted up outside and proceeded to yell homophobic stuff at the crowd the entire night.” Due to the threat, PWR BTTM “moved the entrance to the show to the back of the venue and blocked off the windows at the front. It was a freaky ass night, but the local police helped us keep things safe.”

PWR BTTM said that they protestors were outfitted with portable cameras: “They were like baiting us to hit them, they wanted to be able to sue us,” they wrote. “We haven’t ever received threats, but I have a feeling this isn’t the last time this will happen. It won’t deter us, nothing will.”

The venue, Big Sleepy’s released an apology, “anyone who felt threatened or unsafe… during the show or at any point by the Christian hate group outside.”

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