Pride Train NYC Subway Project #PrideTrain

Pride Train Posters Have Appeared in the Subway2 min read

MTA-Style Posters about Pride Month have been popping up all over the NYC Subway

The posters are a gayed up version of the usual boring service announcements that the MTA puts about about service changes and appear with the hashtag #PrideTrain.

Pride Train MTA #PrideTrain NYC

The posters declare that June 1 – June 30th is Pride Month and that there shall be “No bigotry, hatred and prejudice at this station.”

The posters go on to say:
“How does this affect  my trip? It doesn’t.”
“Travel alternatives: Sashay away.”

Who started #PrideTrain Posters and Campaign?

A group of three friends, Ezequiel M. Consoli, Thomas Shim and Jack Welles—all advertising professional creatives in New York—decided to do a guerilla advertising campaign to spread love and acceptance. They posted announcements and rainbow flags on subway cars throughout the NYC Subway system.

“What inspired us to do this project was the increasing hate crimes that’s been happening around the city,” Ezequiel Consoli told OutBuzz. “It was heartbreaking to see what’s happening to the city that is known for its freedom, love, and acceptance. We wanted people know that regardless, this city is a city of love and for the month of June, we wanted to take over a location all New Yorkers love-hate the most. The MTA.”

Ezequiel Consoli with Pride Flag Sticker on Subway Car #PrideTrain

The #PrideTrain project was motivated by the current political climate and aims to give New Yorkers hope.

“We hope Pride Train project gives New Yorkers a sense of hope and love during this gloomy period in American history,” Ezequiel added.


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