Happy Power Bottom Appreciation Day!1 min read

Say what? There’s really a “Power Bottom Appreciation Day?”

Depending on where you’re from, the day before Halloween is usually called “Mischief Night,” “Devil’s Night,” “Goosey Night,” “Cabbage Night” or some other weird terms we’ve never heard of.

At OutBuzz, we call October 30th “Power Bottom Appreciation Day” and today we toast all those bottoms who know how to take it like champ. It’s time to celebrate these boys who would bottom you so hard with their amazing bottom superpowers that you will be open-jawed for days.

No, we’re not making this day up! There are mentions of it that go back to the 80s.

According to Urban Dictionary (like you really needed a definition) a “power bottom” is:

Dominant Bottom. While a bottom is usually submissive to his partner, a power bottom enjoys maintaining control over the top and/or the penetration, the normally dominant role in gay male sex. Power bottoms supposedly have skilled tongues.

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power bottom appreciation day

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