Pines Party 2017: Live Your Labyrinth Fantasy4 min read

Because who doesn’t love to party with a big bull-headed muscle man in Fire Island Pines?

Every year Pines Party has a theme that sets the motif of the weekend—Pines Party 2017 is no different. Residents of Fire Island together with revelers from around the world come together in Fire Island Pines for a weekend of fun and partying. Festivities are celebrated by people of all ages, shapes and sizes—and they really like to get into theme!

In 2015 for the theme “Emerald City,” one house even staged an entire crime scene with a large pool of green goop complete with police tape, a witch’s hat and lighting.

Pines Party 2015 - Emerald City

House decorations for Pines Party 2015 – Emerald City

The theme for the 19th Annual Pines Party is “Labyrinth.” As you can see by the poster below, the organizers are referring to the Labyrinth of the Minotaur and not exactly to Labyrinth the David Bowie movie that we all loved from the 80’s.

WTF kind of a theme is Labyrinth?

In Greek mythology, there lived a Minotaur, a creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man, in the center of a labyrinth (an elaborate maze) on the island of Crete. This minotaur was muscular and hung AF and liked to eat men alive. Hmmm… life goals?

Pines Party 2017

Music at Pines Party 2017

During the different events over Pines Party weekend, big name DJs will be making sure the revelers dance the night away. The beach party will be headlined by Ralphi Rosario and Tom Stephan. Other DJ favorites including Abel, Gauthreaux-Grind, Brian Norwood, the super handsome Aaron Aanenson, and Jeff Hall will be serving beats at the other events of the weekend.

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Pines Party

When is Pines Party 2017?

Pines Party 2017 is the weekend of July 21-23, 2017.

Where is Pines Party 2017?

Pines Party is a multi-venue weekend festival held in Fire Island Pines. Some events are held in the Pavilion in the complex in the harbor, while the main event is held under the stars right on the beach!

Map of Pines Party


How do I get to Pines Party?

Pines Party is held in the secluded Fire Island Pines area of Fire Island. The narrow island is located off the south of Long Island and is accessible exclusively by boat (or by air depending on who you are, but then why would you be reading this part 😉 ) If you want to daytrip to Fire Island Pines, see “Gay Trippers” below.

How to get to Fire Island Pines

By train from NYC

  1. From NYC by train go to Penn Station and take the LIRR to Sayville. Peak tickets cost $19 and off-peak are $13.75.
  2. Transfer to the minibuses  $10 each way, that will be waiting in the parking lot of the train station to transfer you to the ferries.
  3. Take the ferry, $16 round trip, and arrive to the Fire Island Pines Harbor

By car

  1. Drive to 41 River Road, Sayville NY 11782 and park in the parking lot across from the ferries.
  2. Take the ferry, $16 round trip, and arrive to the Fire Island Pines Harbor

Where do I stay for Pines Party?

For those who don’t have a house or share in FIP there are a few options. For the early birds, you can always check  accommodations in The Hotel in the harbor, but this fills up quickly. You can also check other houses availabilities through Share Gurl, but these rooms go quickly for party weekends like Pines Party.

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If you can’t find any accommodations or even a friend’s couch to crash on (tread very carefully with this one—friendships have been destroyed forever by this seemingly innocent request), there is always the option of daytripping to the party and going home the next day. This year there is an all-inclusive day tripping option by Gay Trippers.

Gay Trippering to Pines Party Beach Party

If you don’t have a place to stay in FIP, day tripping it out to the island is probably your best bet. For $199, which is the same price of admission to the beach party itself, you can join the Gay Trippers bus hosted by Shequida!

Gay Trippers Pines Party Shequida

The price is all-inclusive and a significantly cheaper option than taking the train, bus and ferry, ($76 round trip!) and includes a Shequida performance on the bus, open bar on the bus and party, free bag check and admission with express entry to the party.

Bus will depart promptly at 10:00pm from Hardware Bar at 48th and 10th Avenue. Arrive at Sayville Ferry to make a special ferry at 12:00am.  Depart after the party from the Pines on the 6:45am ferry back to Sayville.   Those wishing to stay in the Pines may use their return ferry ticket on any regularly scheduled boats.

How do I buy tickets for Pines Party?

Pines Party tickets can be bought here.

How much do Pines Party tickets cost?

The weekend pass is $370, while the beach party alone is $200. For a full list of all ticket options and pricing for Pines Party 2017 click here.

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