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Palace is Burning3 min read

Tonight, the iconic gay restaurant and bar on Ocean Drive celebrates thirty-two years being South Beach’s preeminent drag revue.

Palace first launched in February 1988 at 1200 Ocean Drive and it ushered in a whole new era that eventually led to the fabulous Miami we know today.

Drag queens Missy Meyakie and Tp Lords will host tonight’s celebration, with special guest DJ Cesar Hernandez and live performances by The Palace Divas Shanaya Bright, Elishaly D Witshes, Tlo Ivy, and Fantasía Royale.

“The evening will be a time to laugh, dance and reflect back on thirty-two triumphant years of Palace and the amazing community it serves,” says owner Thomas Donall.

We spoke with Missy Meyakie and Tp Lords as they were preparing for tonight’s extravaganza.

You are both Miami legends.  How long have you each reigned at Palace Bar?
Tp Lords:  Sixteen years.  (Laughing) I’ve been performing at Palace since drag was illegal.

Missy Meyakie:  I’ve been here over fourteen glamorous years.   I want to thank all my fans and customers who have supported me from the beginning and through the years. It is so awesome to feel appreciated, loved and honored.

Describe your style of drag.
Missy Meyakie:  I am the mother of Glam.  I host the hottest Saturday brunch at Palace and one of the highlights of the show is when I give the beautiful children in the crowd the opportunity to walk the runway.

Tp Lords:  My style of drag is a mixture of song choice and creativity.  One day, I can be as glamorous as Missy. But on another day, I’ll be a club kid with lasers and led lights.  The only thing you can ever know for sure is that my performance is  gonna slay.  That’s how I stand out.

Just The Tip when in CHILE!

What’s your favorite menu item?
Tp Lords:  My favorite item on the Palace menu is the surf and turf.  It’s the best of both worlds.

Missy Meyakie:  The shrimp and grits for me!  They are so refreshing.  They make me so happy.

Describe your most memorable experience at Palace.  
Missy Meyakie:  Easy.  The day was January 23, 2018.  That is when my partner (Joel Buckley) proposed to me after my show.

Tp Lords:  My most memorable night at Palace is New Year’s Eve.  Between spending such a special night with all my sisters, the fireworks and the huge crowds, it is simply a blessing.

What are you most looking forward to at the 32nd anniversary party of Palace?  
Missy Meyakie:  I am so excited to host with my sis, Tp Lords.

Tp Lords:  Awwww, love you girl.  I am planning a special performance but, of course, it’s a surprise.  On this special anniversary, I want to remind fans to live life to the fullest.  Don’t be afraid to be you.  We love and accept you for who you are so love yourself, flaws and all, and come on down and celebrate 32 fabulous years with us.

Palace is located at 1052 Ocean Drive, South Beach  Miami: Visit

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