NYTW’s Hundred Days: To The Band’s Play, We Say “Yes”2 min read

Hundred DaysNew York Theatre Workshop
Dani Markham, Abigail Bengson, Colette Alexander,, Shaun Bengson, Jo Lampert. All photos by Joan Marcus.

NYTW’s Hundred Days: To The Band’s Play, We Say “Yes”

By Ross

The set-up is familiar. When we arrive, it feels like we have all come together to hear a band play, rather than to hear a band’s play. Let alone, a play told by a band that starts and ends with talk about a wedding. But that’s not it exactly. This band by the name of The Bengsons (CSC’s Iphigenia in Aulis) credited with the music, lyrics, and book, along with the talented writer, Sarah Gancher (The Place We Built), tell a tale of diving in, ignoring fear, and devouring a moment or maybe even a period of a Hundred Days, just for the chance to embrace love. Even if our rational brain is telling us that the odds are against any of this happening or being the truth.
Abigail Bengson. Photo by Joan Marcus.
It’s glorious, these Hundred Days, and spellbinding in a way that I haven’t experienced since the powerful Hedwig downtown at the Jane Street Theatre, or the Public’s less effective but enjoyable The Outer Space. The similarities between the three are obvious although somewhat superficial in terms of set-up and design. They are not the same in the level of purity of emotion or focus. This band, with soaring vocals, a foot stomping and hand clapping beat, entwined with brilliant songwriting will pull you in to their mythology as if in a dream. Not just with their musical excellence, but with their dedication to vulnerability, truth, and passion. (for the full review, click here)
Hundred Days New York Theatre Workshop
Shaun Bengson, Reggie D. White, Dani Markham, Jo Lampert, Abigail Bengson. Photo by Joan Marcus.
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