NYC Pride Commercial ABC

First NYC Pride Commercial Has Aired on TV. This is a big deal.2 min read

First time a NYC Pride commercial has aired on network TV. Bravo!

Viewers across the New York metro area who tuned into Wheel of Fortune on ABC 7 this Tuesday evening were in for an unexpected treat—the first commercial ever to advertise the NYC Pride March on network TV.

“Channel 7 prides itself on being able to bring important, local celebrations of community spirit to as many people as possible,” said Dave Davis, President and General Manager of WABC-TV in a statement. “We look forward to making this year’s March the best ever.”

ABC will be the first broadcast TV network to air the NYC Pride march on June 25th from noon – 3pm.

NYC Pride Commercial ABC

We couldn’t be more thrilled that the NYC Pride march will be broadcast live. This is an important win towards the acceptance of the LGBT community.

“We unfortunately live in a time when there continues to be an effort to roll back the rights of LGBTQ individuals everywhere,” Chris Frederick, NYC Pride Managing Director told OutBuzz. “Now more than ever it’s important that we are visible. As a kid in rural Ohio, if I had the opportunity to turn on the TV and see a sea of rainbows I might not have felt so afraid. This is why we do what we do and we’re excited to be welcomed into your homes on June 25 on ABC7.”

Watch the commercial on ABC for the 2017 48th Annual NYC Pride March

The Pride march can be seen on Channel 7 and also on their website at In addition to the march, WABC will also cover other essential NYC Pride events, such as PrideFest, the annual LGBT street festival, Pride Luminaries Brunch, the Rally, and Pride Island – a new three-day LGBT cultural experience.

It's Time for a Rainbow Crosswalk in NYC

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