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NYC artist Matt E heads to PornHub!1 min read

Newest vid too sexy for Insta ?

Matt E, Detroit born New York City based, recording artist, releases new dance remix “I’m a Narcissist” with his first ever NSFW music video on The video is pervy, sexual, and most importantly narcissistic-as-fuck. Follow along as Matt cruises the dark NYC streets slowly losing his layers till he’s shaking his bare ass rooftop in the city skyline.

Matt E’s original lyrics are carnal and sultry, paired with the erotic beat, creating a track that is so danceable. The mood is inspired by Britney’s Blackout album; an energy that toes the line between, a-bit-coy and all-out-naughty, but most importantly is always in on the joke.

  Because mainstream social media strategically targets  LGBTQ artists with unfair content censorship, Matt E is taking matters into his own hands and using as his chosen platform to release an exclusive uncensored video to bring to life his latest track. Freedom of expression is Matt E’s driving force as an artist, and pornhub as an uncensored hosting platform is an exciting new direction for his first ever NSFW content. Check out the full vid here!

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