night king make up singing Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Fans Are Going Crazy about this Vid of Night King Getting Faaabulous in Make Up1 min read

Before he invades Westeros, the Night King needs to get all dolled up and feeling fabulous!

Game of Thrones actor, Richard Blake, who portrays the Night King was in make up when he was recorded getting into the music. The song playing, Passionfruit by Drake, was too much for the actor to stay still in make up and he had to get up and feel himself.

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, but I wish I hadn’t watched this video of the Night King getting all fabulous on me. I have mixed feelings on this one—total seeing the wizard behind the curtain moment.

night king make up singing Game of Thrones

It reminded me of my fantasies on Scruff with those Instastuds looking all masc for masc and then arriving to my door and a chandelier falls out of their mouth—not that I have anything wrong with that, just… why post a non-representative pic of yourself, right? Be proud of who you are and own it! It’s like biting into a burger only to find out it’s tofu!

Video of the Night King feeling his oats in make up before waging war on Westeros

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