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Nacho Chapado is Coming to Trade at Output in Brooklyn1 min read

DJ Nacho Chapado is coming to serve the boys circuit beats at Trade at Output, Brooklyn

The Barcelona-based world-class DJ just came from the 10-year Circuit Anniversary party and is headed to Trade at Output. This is one night you’re not going to want to miss.

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Trade, is a gay party produced by Brian Rafferty that features the world’s best DJs. Following a successful stint with Victor Calderone, Trade is returning across the river to Output in Brooklyn for an even bigger take-over event with Nacho Chapado.

Trade Party NYC

What to expect at Trade Output

This is the second time Trade will be at Output in Brooklyn

Output is a multi-building music Mecca devoted to bringing in the best electronic music.

Output Club Brooklyn

You’ll want to visit the massive rooftop with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. The roof has a large multi-tiered lounge and bar area—and you can even smoke there.

Check out some of Nacho’s sets, which we listen to on repeat at the gym

Trade Party NYC Brooklyn Aug 16 2017



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