Mother Helps 9-year-old Son Dress Up as Bob the Drag Queen1 min read

“I hope that when the big night finally gets here, my newly learned drag queen skills don’t fail me.”—Lori Duron

Blogger Lori Duron’s nine-year-old son C.J. wants to dress up as his hero for Halloween. His hero is Bob The Drag Queen. Work, C.J.!

Bob, RuPaul and all the queens are brave, strong heroes for my rainbow son. They’ve taught him to celebrate his uniqueness, cultivate his own style and let criticisms roll off his back. They’ve taught him the importance and power of loving himself. They’ve also taught him a few words and phrases that I’ve told him he can’t use until he’s 18.—Lori Duron

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Bob The Drag Queen

Lori Duron is a self described mother of two, wife, advocate, blogger and author, Raising My Rainbow.

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