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This InstaStud Is Using His Fame to “Give Back”3 min read

When Instagrammer @misteroutdoors’ following skyrocketed, he wanted to put his influence to better use than just his vanity.

About a year ago @misteroutdoors, 37 from California, started an Instagram account featuring his furry man buns of steel with stunning nature backdrops.

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After posting pictures of his larger-than-life booty, he wanted to funnel his success and influence into something more than just likes.

“It literally started just as a fun thing for myself,” Mr.Outdoors told OutBuzz. “I had no idea it would gain such a following and get such positive response. That’s when I realized I could actually do something positive with it instead of just feeding my own ego and vanity, and maybe even make a difference. Many followers asked about buying prints, so that’s how www.ButtForGood.com was born. 50% of profits go to the cause of buyer’s choice. I picked three organizations that I feel play important role in making sure basic human rights and equality for ALL prevail despite of our current political and social climate.”

MrOutdoors Butt for Good@mroutdoors

“Most of the photos I take myself,” Mr.Outdoors noted. “But sometimes if I am adventuring with a friend I have them snap the pics.”

He started a website called ButtForGood.com where you can buy prints of his meaty man peach. Limited edition prints are only $25 and are signed by Mister Outdoors and numbered—each print only has a run of 100 copies. Mister Outdoors donates 50% of all proceeds to one of three charities that you choose: Planned Parenthood, ACLU and Black Lives Matter.


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Mr.Outdoors is a character that focusses on charitable causes

You may notice that Mr. Outdoors loves to show his stunning bod but never reveal his face. For him it’s all about a building a character devoted to a cause.

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“I never really had the intention of revealing my identity and at this point it’s not about the person anymore, for me it’s about the cause,” Mr. Outdoors continued to OutBuzz. “Mr.Outdoors is just a character. It just makes more sense to me. Less distractions and allows people to focus on what’s important (or at least to enjoy the pics without any preconceived ideas about who the person is). I don’t think there’s any need for me to be revealing my identity.”


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