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Mike Ruiz Pulls Out the Heavy Guns To Make Good3 min read

Social Impak, the online retailer that specializes in quality products with messages aimed at making our world a better place, is announcing the launch of its new summer collection, the Mike Ruiz Collection.

Specially curated and designed by the uber sexy celebrity photographer, reality TV staple, and philanthropist (who is currently featured on the cover of Out Magazine), offerings in the collection include tees, tanks, posters, pillows and mugs, all emblazoned with some of Mike Ruiz’s most iconic photos and imagery.

Model Wyatt Engeman wears his own tee.

“They are unique items that people will love to wear or showcase in their home,” Mike Ruiz says.

And what’s even sweeter is that 25% of all profits will be donated to Mike’s two favorite causes: The Stand Up for Pits Foundation and the Ali Forney Center.

“Mike was my first call when I had the idea to launch Social Impak,” says founder Scott Bailey. “He was 100% supportive of coming on board as the first celebrity ambassador.”

Social Impak is the sister site to Global Impak, the online retailer created by Bailey. Both websites share similar goals. They work directly with charitable organizations and help them to raise money for their groups. However, where Global Impak focuses on environmental issues such as wildlife rescue and climate change, Social Impak concentrates on social, political and LGBTQ issues.

Mike Ruiz’s hard muscles on a soft pillow.

“Strong political statements and humor are often required to make an impact socially, so it was important that we set up a different arm that allowed more freedom to be funnier and even slightly risqué at times,” Scott Bailey explains.

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For most of his life, Scott Bailey has been politically and socially active. At 19, he arrived home to Michigan from Kenya with a mission of working in wildlife conservation but his activism had to take a back seat when his start-up business took off and he found himself designing and hosting the websites of very high-profile clients including the ruler of Dubai and the royal family of Jordan.

He did manage to sneak in projects on the side, creating free websites for, a wildlife charity, HIV Equal, NOH8 and other organizations fighting for causes he believed in. As he grew older and the state of the world grew worse, he felt the need to do more.

Thomas models his own tee.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important that we take a step back and realize that our actions have consequences,” he says. “We need to be more respectful of the environment and the animals we share this planet with.”

Among his favorite Global Impak partners are WildAid, the Dian Fossey Foundation and Big Life Foundation, an organization that works to protect elephants in East Africa.

“This is also a time to be more kind to each other,” he continues. “We humans come in many shapes, sizes, and orientations. So many things join us while only man-made borders divide us. It’s important that we celebrate our differences and all that makes us unique.”

Among his favorite Social Impak charities is Sage USA, an organization that works with LGBTQ Seniors.

With their unique product offerings, both Global Impak and Social Impak are working hard to appeal to socially savvy consumers who appreciate that their purchases go to help causes they believe in. As Scott Bailey sums it up, “Together we can do great things.”

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The Mike Ruiz Collection is now available exclusively at

What says summer more than Mike Ruiz floating on a flamingo? Only $34.50 at