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Mike Ruiz Graces the Cover of the April/May Issue of Out Magazine2 min read

Mike Ruiz, the superstar photographer, LGBTQ advocate and animal rights activist, proves he is here to slay on the cover of the April/May issue of Out Magazine, out today.

The inside feature includes a seven-page portfolio of celebrities (including Katy Perry, Ruby Rose, and Penn Badgley) shot by Mike Ruiz, as well as exclusive images of the man himself, shot by photographer Rick Day.

In his interview with Richard Perez-Feria, Mike Ruiz explains how growing up without exposure to the arts led to his need to create the aspirational images he is known for.

He enjoys shooting celebs but says he gets the most satisfaction using his skills on projects that help LGBTQ youth and animals in need. “My goal with every bit of visibility that I get, including this cover, is to give me a platform so that I can try to have a positive impact on causes that are important to me.”

Mike Ruiz uses every opportunity he has to support The Ali Forney Center (a homeless shelter for LGBTQ youth) and donates all proceeds from his annual calendar, Bullies & Biceps, to various organizations that save and advocate for pit bull type dogs. His interest in raising awareness for these organizations is why Mike Ruiz was thrilled to appear on the cover of Out Magazine.

“We’re thrilled to have Mike on the cover in this article written by this issue’s guest editor in chief, Richard Perez-Feria, the first of a series of guest chief editors in residence,” says Diane Anderson-Minshall, CEO & Editorial Director of Pride Media. “Richard brought his personal relationship with Mike into the article in a way that many profiles aren’t able to, illuminating a part of a legendary gay photographer that many don’t know.”

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Mike Ruiz’s varied and colorful portfolio of celebrity and fashion photography can be viewed at Also, follow his adventures on Instagram and on TikTok @mikeruiz86.