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Mike ½ Nelson is Mad as Hell at the State of the World and He’s Not Taking It Anymore1 min read

Mike ½ Nelson laments over the state of things in “Crazy World,” the first single and music video release from his new  e.p., All Are Welcome.    The ominous ballad, with its mid-tempo, catchy, pop-noir sound, is meant as a reminder that it is ok to hit rock bottom.

“There have been moments in my life when I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to surrender to a higher truth,”  Nelson reveals.  “I mean, look at how things are today.  Why shouldn’t we feel despair and rage? The f*cking Nazis and KKK are back.  They’re being called ‘very good people.’ The unacceptable has become acceptable. We should feel anguish.”

“I wrote ‘Crazy World’ when I was trying to emotionally detach myself from a relationship that wasn’t working anymore,” Mike ½ Nelson continues from his NYC home.   “My ex was in the throws of an intense opiate addiction, and it was a very volatile experience. At the same time, Sandy Hook, the mass shooting of an elementary school, was in the news and I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to scream my grief out the window.”

In the song and its music video, directed by Max Richardson of HBO’s Euphoria, Mike ½ Nelson encourages listeners experiencing pain to surrender to it. Especially men, he says. “Society teaches men to suppress their emotions, but if we were given space to feel the pain inside, maybe we would have more music videos and less mass shootings.”

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