Michael Rizzi

We Can All Relate to Michael Rizzi’s Inner Hairy Fat Kid1 min read

YouTube personality Michael Rizzi opens up about his body issues.

Michael Rizzi is absolutely adorable, but the photogenic 22-year-old vlogger is still haunted by his inner hairy fat kid. We love your hair, Michael—woof! All of us can relate to insecurities that we had from our childhood that plague us until today.


The gym changing room was one of the worst experiences that I had growing up. I feel like kids always have to have that one kid in their class that they bully and they target… that was me!”


Although he says that he’s gotten a lot better with his inner demons, there still isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t think about “fixing” something with his body. He says that he’s going to make an active effort to love his body and improve his relationship with it. Great advice!

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