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Gay Man Beaten and Threatened with Gun at Memphis Zoo1 min read

Homophobic Attack at the Memphis Zoo Ended With a Woman Pulling a Gun and A Gay Man in the Emergency Room


Reginald Bruckner, 23, was hanging out with his friends at the Memphis Zoo when two women approached and asked to use his phone, Bruckner told WMC Action News 5. When he refused, the women started asking if he was gay. Things went south from there.

“They just asked all of us were we gay and we were like ‘yeah’ and they say ‘you know you’re going to hell right?’ and I said ‘wow’,” Buckner said.

The women, now joined by their male friends, verbally and physically attacked Reginald and his friends. One of the women attackers flashed a gun. One of Reginald’s friends saw the weapon and yelled, “gun” causing all the zoo visitors to scramble, according to Police reports.

“That’s what made everyone start running away when they had the gun,” Reginald said. “When she lifted up the gun everybody just started running.”

The attack left Reginald’s face swollen with a black eye and a bruised back. Reginald had to be taken to the emergency Room.


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