Make Halloween Sexy Again With Crop Tops1 min read

Pumpkin Spice Lattes Move Aside, These Crop Tops Are Giving Us All the Halloween Feels (Tongue Pop )!

Dallas designer duo Marek + Richard is bringing back the crop top with these Halloween inspired treats. The Pumpkin Crop Tee, Unicorn Bones and Calling All Basic Witches are our favorites. Aside from crop tops, Marek + Richard has more playful Halloween styles and looks than the RuPaul’s Drag Race dressing room. Speaking of Drag Race All Stars, Alyssa Edwards stars in M + R’s must-see Drop Dead Gorgeous Look Book for Halloween.


Aside from seasonal inspired designs, they have literally dozens and dozens of other crop tops in a bunch of cool colors and styles ranging from fetish to outright camp.


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The Dallas-based clothing line was founded by Neil Marek and Robbie Richard (I bet you didn’t think it was their last names!).  The boys established their brand in May 2011 while pursuing fashion degrees at the University of North Texas. All of the clothing is inspired by “FUN STUFF” as we can definitely see in these crop tops. These boys serve a wide range of fierce apparel from jockstraps to sweatpants and tee-shirts—oh, and crop tops, of course!

Clothing can be purchased on their website:

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