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Love is on the Rise2 min read

Love is on the Rise is a heart-felt song I wrote to myself while I was single and going through the dating scene. After ending a bad relationship with someone who didn’t believe nor practice monogamy, I spent the following few years trying to meet someone through friends, cruised at the typical clubs, talking with guys at the bar while stealthily checking Grindr to see what else was up. I sifted through a lot of crap. I started to have doubts of finding a good guy who didn’t need substances to function or could think with his brain other than just his dick. I began to prepare myself with the fact that being single is my destiny and that it’s okay. I wrote this song as a message of hope and to never give up searching for something good. After, I met my boyfriend of five years now and the love still feels new. As touching and vulnerable as the lyrics are, I wanted the music to come across the same way, which is why I recorded it completely stripped down with nothing but guitar and vocals. The sound, mood and topic is something I hadn’t heard in popular music in a long time, which is something I enjoy.

My name is Alfi and I am a gay independent professional musician and singer-songwriter from New Jersey. I write, perform and record my own music. I enjoy writing from personal experiences with hope that others can connect to it as well. As much as I love my fair share of Top 40s dance music with hooks that repeat for the typical 3 minutes and 30 seconds, I wish artists would open up more and make music on their own terms. I believe it’s happening again. 

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Love is on the Rise

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