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Pro Dancer Locky Brownlie to Perform for HIV/AIDS Charity3 min read

Pro dancer and heartthrob Locky Brownlie is performing in Broadway Bares to raise money for awareness and financial help for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Raising awareness for such a compassionate organization is super important to me. Being able to give up my time to do something I love that raises money, is priceless to me.—Locky Brownlie

Devilishly handsome Tasmanian dancer Lockhart “Locky” Brownlie, 27, has performed with Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, Taylor Swift and Wicked on Broadway.

Next, Locky is going to dance in the annual charity fundraiser Broadway Bares.

“Raising awareness for such a compassionate organization is super important to me,” Locky told OutBuzz. “Being able to give up my time to do something I love that raises money, is priceless to me.”

Locky Brownlie Broadway Bares 2017

Broadway Bares is a show and “stripathon” to raise money to help provide lifesaving medications, nutritious meals, health care, counseling, emergency financial assistance to people in every state in America living with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses.

How Broadway Cares Works


Locky Brownlie

Locky’s told OutBuzz that his favorite feature is his behind.

The Theme of Broadway Bares 2017 is “Strip University”

“This is my first Broadway Bares and I couldn’t be more excited to pop my Bares cherry,” Locky added.

“Broadway Bares: Strip U will feature more than 150 of the hottest male and female dancers in New York City sharing their hearts and well-toned bodies with an energetic crowd of thousands,” according to event producers Broadway Cares. “The 90-minute show features Broadway’s most talented movers and shakers in a highly choreographed, highly produced spectacular.”

We know Locky has amazing assets but we were just a little curious how much he would reveal. He told us “I’m not too sure yet… you’ll have to come see the show 🙂 ”

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Locky Brownlie is a Devilishly Handsome Tasmanian Dancer

Originally from Tasmania, Australia, Lockhart “Locky” Brownlie begain training to be a professional dancer at an early age. He moved to Sydney in 2007 and quickly established himself as one of Sydney’s most sought after young dancers having worked with some of Australia’s leading choreographers. 

Today Locky is back in the “Land of Oz” performing in Wicked on Broadway.

Locky Brownlie Danced with Katy Perry on Tour

In 2009 Locky jumped from Australia to Los Angeles in 2009 and soon after landed a gig with Katy Perry for the EMA’s in Madrid.

Locky Brownlie Katy Perry

The dashingly handsome dancer didn’t disappoint and Locky was selected for Katy Perry’s “California Dreams World Tour” in 2011 and again for her 2014 “Prismatic World Tour.”

Locky Brownlie Katy Perry

Over the five years working with Katy, Locky has seen himself not only tour, but also be apart of the hit movie Part of Me, Obama Campaign 2012 and The 2015 Super Bowl Half Time Show

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