Lighthouse is a Beacon of Hope for Gay-Friendly Health Services2 min read

Lighthouse is a new startup that connects LGBTQ people with healthcare providers that understand their unique needs.

Founded by a group of NYC-based providers who have devoted our careers to caring for LGBTQ+ patients,  Lighthouse is already up and running in New York.


As an LGBTQ specialized psychotherapist, I constantly had people reaching out to me looking for a gay therapist or a trans friendly doctor—Nick Fager

Despite the LGBTQ community having specific healthcare needs, the unfortunate reality is that those needs frequently go unmet in today’s healthcare system. Often time when LGBTQ seek healthcare, they find discrimination instead. Lighthouse is here to fix that.

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“As an LGBTQ specialized psychotherapist, I constantly had people reaching out to me looking for a gay therapist or a trans friendly doctor etc,” Lighthouse co-founder, Nick Fager, told OutBuzz. “I realized that as many resources as there are out there for queer people in New York City, they were not easy to find, the link simply wasn’t there, so I decided to try to form that link.”

Many LGBTQ people that seek therapy, doctors and other healthcare providers who are LGBTQ or LGBTQ-friendly come up empty handed.

“We surveyed thousands of community members, the vast majority of which said that finding LGBTQ affirming care is very important AND that they have had trouble finding it in the past,” Nick continued. “So we knew there was a need out there, and as soon as we started pitching it to professionals around the city and heard overwhelming enthusiasm in response, we knew it had real potential.”

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Lighthouse LGBTQ Health Services

Lighthouse provides three services for the LGBT community:


We find providers who have ample experience caring for and treating LGBTQ individuals. We carefully vet them before listing them to ensure your safety.

Finding a doctor who understands your needs should be easy. With Lighthouse, it is. Type in your zip code and we’ll find affirming providers nearby and highlight if they have expertise in a particular area.

We’re building a community of users and providers in New York City starting with hosted events focused on LGBTQ+ wellness. We’re also working towards providing more low fee services to the community and offering training sessions to practitioners who want to better understand our community’s healthcare needs.

Lighthouse is looking for LGBTQ Doctors and Healthcare Providers

In addition to connecting people to much-needed care, Lighthouse is helping providers dedicated to LGBTQ+ health find new patients and grow their practices. The LGBTQ startup is building community around LGBTQ+ wellness, and is working on events, workshops, and training sessions to bring that community to life.