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‘LGBT heaven’ to be established in the Gulf of Thailand?2 min read

New libertarian state is going to be established soon.

While Catalonia through the riots and fights decides if it wants to be independent from Spain a new country is to appear in the Gulf of Thailand. A group of successful entrepreneurs Nikolay Batalin, Evgeniy Muhin and Denis Kolesnikov are on they way to create new LGBT-friendly State of Freeland. Freeland is the a synergy of a corporation and state. It already exists in the web, everyone can get the citizenship just in a one click.

“We’d like to create a place where every person could feel himself comfortable and free”, – Nikolay Batalin, the President of Freeland Corp. says. “Nowadays Europe and America are still fighting for the human rights. Even tolerant countries have intolerant cases of public life. For instance, Sweden which is known to be one of the most opened countries for LGBT+ community, is facing the confrontation from nationalistic radical structures. We don’t want to fight. We want to build the originally free country!”.

Freeland is based on libertarian values. According to them everybody can love and live with everyone despite the sex, race, sexual orientation. “There is a lot of evil in the world right now. We produce it everyday, starting wars and crises. Let’s produce love and equality instead”, – says Evgeniy Muhin, CEO of Freeland Corp.

Not only gays will feel themselves free in Freeland.  The founding principles of this recently-born state are:

  • Each and every individual has the right to do anything that does not impinge on the rights and legitimate interests of others;
  • No individual has any obligation to the state or society, other than those assumed voluntarily;
  • All individuals are equal;
  • Individual rights take primacy over the collective rights of society;
  • Private property is inviolable;
  • The right to private property takes primacy over the collective rights of society;
  • There are no taxes.
Watch Out, Some Mean Girls Storm Broadway

More details are going to be run up pn October 4th.