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“Less Talk, More Art” Is a Catchy and Captivating Clip You’ll Play on Repeat5 min read

Low-brow meets high-brow sans unibrow in this mesmerizing video—now SHH, SHH! Less Talk, More Art!

The video for Less Talk, More Art is the polished product of what happens when you take a talented artist and add a cabal of talented loyal friends of every creative discipline at your beck and call.

We just wanted to make something FUN!” director Kyle Walling told OutBuzz. 

And FUN this video is—after all, it’s by Vito FUN no less. Less Talk, More Art is catchy, addictive and the video is downright captivating. The kitschy sex-fueled Fire Island Pines backdrop is fun, the visuals alluring and sexy, and the entire concept with those extra wigs, vogueing adrop the bay, and smashing eggy objets, champions the absurd.

We were feeling the moves of Paris is Burning, the updated electro-dance version of Grace Jones’ accordion in Libertango, the electric sexiness and smashing of Benny Bennasy’s Satisfaction, and the artistic absurdity of Charlotte Gainsburg’s delicious clip Heaven Can Wait. Less Talk, More Art had us feeling all the feels.

Vito and I are both huge fans of Dadaism and the absurd so we decided that was the direction we wanted to go for the video,” Kyle explained. “This basically consisted of us hanging out and watching weird YouTube videos for hours on end.” 

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The video was shot in a kitschy mansion in Fire Island Pines

Shirtless gay men gallivanting on bamboo-covered boardwalks, sandy beaches with frigid water, bareback sex and Vito Fun, that’s what Fire Island Pines is made of. For more than a decade the DJ-cum-photographer has been a Fire Island stalwart—returning every year, staying well past high season and DJ’ing for the boys long before the original Pavilion burned down. When Vito Fun wanted to shoot the video for his new song, “Less Talk More Art,” with musical partner, KOIL, there was no question about the location.

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less talk more art vito fun koil

Award-winning Voguer Javier Ninja of the legendary House of Ninja

“The video was shot on Fire Island, in this notorious house called “Reflections,” Vito Fun told OutBuzz. Reflections is like a giant, overgrown frat house on steroids PLUS a Miami cocaine mansion; the perfect location, it’s amazing, the Germans have a word for it – kitsch – design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way.”

We love kitsch! We also love large houses with swimming pools on the Great South Bay where legendary Fire Island Pines parties like IndepenDANCE have been thrown. Oh, if those white-washed walls could talk!

“Less Talk More Art” is the genesis behind KOIL x Vito Fun

“This was really the song that brought me and my partner KOIL together,” Vito recalled. “It had gone through several incarnations and I worked with several different people on it. I sent it to my friend in Japan, the vocalist came in from LA, my friend laid down some accordion in Manhattan, but nothing was working. I sent the session to KOIL and he fucking nailed it, flipped it right on it’s ass and made it what it is now; KOIL x Vito Fun was born.”

Producing the video for “Less Talk, More Art” was exactly that—less talk and more art.

When a person like Vito Fun surrounds himself by talented artists from all disciplines, a project that unites them all is bound to be gold. “I gave all of my friends creative freedom from the very beginning,” Vito explained. “Matt Conley slayed the styling, Cesar Ramirez and Netty Jordan killed the hair with Cesar doubling back on the art direction, Kyle Walling directed the shit out of this video and had me running all over the city getting a million different things for it, Ursula Mann is an amazing photographer, Per Helin is an award winning editor, Lily Montemarano murdered the makeup, Javier Ninja and Dashaun Wesley are two of the best voguers in the world, Kim Davis is a captivating model, Dale on the stills, Andre and Andrew fed us and everyone who was on Fire Island on a Tuesday popped their head in to say hi.”

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That’s quite a list—and the crew behind Less Talk, More Art can’t stop throwing accolades at one another, which is a refreshing change from all the shade that we’re used to see being thrown! “I came up with a general “vibe” I wanted, colors, style, etc.,” Kyle Walling explained. ” I described it to the other creatives involved, then we kind of played jazz on location. They really brought the heat with the art direction and hair & makeup.”

The lewks from the hair and make up were level up. “I took moments from different art pieces and paintings and they inspired these Avant Garde hair styles,” explained creative director Cesar Ramirez.

This wasn’t the first time that Vito Fun and Kyle, who Vito refers to as a “mad genius” who “lives and breathes videos,” collaborated.”Vito and I worked together on a couple other videos including “Fun du Monde” which was one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever been on. I Highly recommend checking that piece of ridiculousness out!”

The two had met through one of Vito’s ex girlfriends (“shout out to Jessica,” Kyle dropped) and clicked immediately. Kyle says that “Vito has a kind of ‘can do’ spirit that’s rare. If he has an idea he’ll find the money,  he’ll find a way to get the gear, he will make it happen! I was just happy to be caught up in that whirlwind.”